Palm Sunday

Blessing of Palms, Procession, and Sung Eucharist with the Reading of the Passion

Sunday April 14th 2019


The main Eucharistwill be a joint service starting at St Alban’s at 10am. We will then process to St Mary and St John where the service will continue from approximately 10.30am

(note: no separate 9.30am or 10.45am Eucharists on this day)
Christians have re-enacted the triumphal entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem annually since at least the fourth century.
The liturgy involves the blessing of palm branches and olive branches (both mentioned explicitly in the Gospel) and other local foliage. Often today the palms are in the form of palm crosses. The gathered community then moves together, singing hymns relating to Our Lord’s entry into Jerusalem and passion, to the church for the Eucharist.
The Gospel in the Eucharist today is the entire Passion Narrative of the Gospel according to Mark. It is proclaimed by the Deacon of the Eucharist with members of the community taking the part of the various participants; the Celebrant of the Eucharist taking the role of Christ.
On this day we acknowledge our own part in that crowd which shouted ‘Osanna’ on Palm Sunday and the ‘Crucify him’ later that same week.
You are warmly invited to bring your own palm fronds or other more local foliage to this liturgy.