Religious Life Sunday

RL Sunday

3 December 2017 – 10:45am

Sunday on the Religious Life

Are you interested in a deeper Spirituality?

                           in tasting the rich Anglican traditions of

Contemplation & Social action?

                           in booking a Retreat or Quiet Day?

                           in becoming a nun or monk?

                           in supporting those who are?

                           or simply curious?

If so, come along at 10:45am on Sunday 3 December to St Mary and St John’s church on Cowley Road between Leopold St and Magdalen Road. Our eucharist and the events that follow will include a concise introduction to the religious life – a vibrant if hidden gem that too few know about.

As we hear from sisters from All Saints Sisters of the Poor and the Sisters of the Love of God who live in East Oxford, and engage in question/answer over a light lunch afterwards with them joined by brothers from the Society of the Sacred Mission, (St Michael’s Priory, Willen) you might be surprised by their joy and openness.

Our focus this year is on exploring a vocation to the religious life.  By becoming aware of this life option, we may explore it, or mention it to others who God may be calling to a radical commitment.

If you are busy earlier, the talk starts at noon. In an hour you will receive a succinct briefing covering topics like ‘why’ all christians need to know about monks and nuns; how someone can become a monk or nun (or explore it further), what the convents offer all of us (space for retreats, quiet days, spiritual direction, volunteer opportunities, opportunities to pray alongside the community permanently as an associate or oblate). We will dip into the history of these convents – their charism and work – and hear firsthand  why young people – like the novices from Lesotho who will join us from St Michael’s Priory Willen – are taking this road less travelled.

Pizza, lunch, time for questions and answers or follow-up conversations are all on offer.

If you cannot join us on 3 December, please come by another time.


Sisters of the Love of God: Contemplative Life of prayer and devotion

All Saints Convent: Serving the poor while rooted in prayer

Society of the Sacred Mission: Living out faith in society

Parish of Cowley St John: Christ at our Heart