Ascension Day

Ascension Day

Thursday 10 May 2018

8am  Morning Prayer, St Mary and St John

7.30pm  Sung Eucharist, St Mary and St John


‘Ascension‘, Salvador Dali, 1958

The Ascension of Our Lord has been celebrated on the fortieth day after Easter since early Christian times, some fifth-century authors claiming that even in their day it was of ancient custom.  It commemorates the narrative, found both in The Acts of the Apostles and in the Gospel of Luke, of the risen Christ’s ascent into heaven in the sight of his disciples.  It is in The Acts of the Apostles that the event is described as being forty days after the Resurrection.

The theological significance of this observance is that, whereas in his risen person before the Ascension, our Lord was present with his disciples only at particular times and places, afterwards he ‘ascended far above all the heavens, so that he might fill all things’ (Ephesians 4: 10).

Morning Prayer is said at the top of St Mary & St John tower at 8am (please allow time to ascend), and is followed by breakfast in the Vicarage.

Here are some of the worshipers from Ascension Day 2017.

We have a Sung Eucharist at 7.30pm at St Mary and St John Church, do join us to mark this special day.



(NB. There is no 10.30am Eucharist at St Mary & St John on Ascension Day.)