Welcome to Cowley St John – a friendly and open-minded community in the heart of East Oxford.

Although all churches are currently closed, we normally worship on Sundays at two locations – St Mary and St John’s Church and St Alban’s Church.

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Online worship this week:

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Weekday Morning Prayer, Monday to Friday, 9.00AM: 

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Wednesday Midday Prayer and reflection (Using the Northumbria Community service)

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The Meeting House: Church as Contested Space – Wednesdays at 5pm on Zoom

The Meeting House – Starting on Wednesday at 5pm we are beginning a weekly session exploring Christian Feast Days  – with half an eye on the present context. Come along, join in or just listen and pray.  We’ll begin with a brief talk and then open it up for some discussion/sharing and end with a prayer.  To join the meeting click here:


“I will not leave you orphaned”
John 14.18

In the early weeks of the Lockdown in the UK many churches were unsure what to do when their buildings were closed.  For some it was just a crisis, for others an opportunity.
In the 19th century ‘Meeting Houses’ in America were often the first public building built in new villages acting as both community buildings and religious meeting places.  In Britain the term has been taken on by Non-Conformists and especially the Quakers as a reaction to the Established Church of England.  But rather than rehearsing the old arguments about church buildings, I wanted to explore how we can continue to live, to experience, to pray and to share the big (and small) feast days of the Christian Community in this changed environment.  What do devotion and commitment look like when we can’t meet together in Church or House?  What does it mean to hold onto a Christian Calendar and the flow of the Christian seasons in a dynamic period of change?
A short talk on feast days being marked at this time followed by an informal conversation about celebrating the Christian calendar during the pandemic.  Each session I want to ask:

  • How can we celebrate this special day and ‘be together’?

(walking with Christ, prayer, scripture, recalling, recollecting, reorienting)

  • What can this day tell us about Christian community in a time of adversity?

(Discipleship, Body of Christ, struggle, diversity, networks of people, trust, generosity, simplicity, kindness, sacrifice)

May 20th – The Ascension of the Lord
(Acts1.1-11, Luke 24.44-end)

May 27th – Pentecost
(Acts 2.1-21, John 20.19-23)

June 3rd – Trinity Sunday on the 7th
(Matthew 28.16-20, 2 Corinthians 13.11-end)

June 10th – Corpus Christi on the 11th
(John 6.51-58, 1 Corinthians 11.23-26)

June 17th – St Alban – learning from the Saints on the 22nd
(John 12.24-26, 2 Timothy 2.3-13)

June 24th – The Birth of John the Baptist
(Luke 1.57-66, 80)

July 1st – Petertide on the 29th June
(Matthew 16.13-19)

July 8th – St Benedict – learning from those in the Religious Life on the 11th
(Luke 18.18-22, 1 Corinthians 3.10-11)