St Mary and St John Church

St Mary & St John is a vibrant, diverse community in the heart of East Oxford on the Cowley Road. The worship is in the inclusive Catholic Anglican tradition, having a strong liturgical and musical tradition, as well as a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Founded in 1875, St Mary & St John began as part of the heady days of the Oxford movement, and with it reclaimed Sacramental Liturgy, offered retreats and spiritual formation to clergy and laity alike, and reached out – through slum-priests and laity – to support the poor and destitute in East Oxford as well as far-off lands.

Through liturgy, music and the sacraments, through ecological activities based around our Churchyard, and via proactive engagement in the community, St Mary & St John still seeks to unlock authentic spiritual community, and to gather together a people of prayer and sincerity. None being perfect, all can and do contribute.

Pamphlets are available from the Churchyard website that provide further information on the church building as well as on the East window.

The vicar of St Mary & St John, Phil Ritchie, can be contacted by  phone: 07590514884 (mobile) and 01865 242396 (landline), or by email:

His postal address is:
Fr. Phil Ritchie
The Vicarage, Redwood House, 276a Cowley Road
Oxford OX4 1UR

Church of St Mary & St John is on Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1UR