St Alban’s Church

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St. Alban’s Church is a beautiful backstreet gem. It is a small church with a warm and welcoming congregation. We meet at 9.30am on Sundays for our parish Eucharist, a gentle and family friendly celebration. The service is always followed by coffee and an opportunity to chat. Our worship is in the Inclusive Catholic Tradition, which means that we are an open and welcoming community who gather round the altar to celebrate God’s love together.  

On Sunday evenings the HOME community meet in the church – a Christian community whose prayer and worship is infused with a more informal approach.

The vicar of St Alban’s is Phil Ritchie and he can be contacted by  phone: 07590514884 (mobile) and 01865 242396 (landline), or by email:

His postal address is:
Fr. Phil Ritchie
The Vicarage, Redwood House, 276a Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1UR

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St. Alban’s church is on Charles St, Oxford OX4 3AH