Church and Churchyard Plans

We are excited to be planning improvements to the Mary and John church building and churchyard that will secure its future and extend its benefits for the East Oxford community and we would love to have your thoughts and suggestions about them.

By installing new heating and lighting, adding amenities, upgrading the parish office, and improving access to the building we hope not just to have a refreshed home for our worshipping community, but also be able to offer the church building for a much wider range of community activities that will benefit all the residents of East Oxford.

We also hope that clarifying the boundaries and entrance points to our beautiful churchyard will enhance its safety and use, and improve the welcome that we want everyone to feel on our corner of the Cowley Road.

The Feasibility Report by our parish architects, Acanthus Clews, presents our thinking to date in detail. Please let us know what you think – we are keen for our final plans to reflect the views of the entire community.

Also, any thoughts you have about the Feasibility Report would also be gratefully received by the vicar ( or the churchwarden (