Children & Young People

St Mary & St John

Children are very welcome to our 10.30am Sunday Eucharist. There is comfy children’s area in the church full of toys and books, and a breakout area in the St John Chapel. Older children are involved in the worshipping life of the church by being on the serving team, reading and leading prayers.

St Alban’s

Children are warmly welcomed to all weekly services at St Alban’s. There are weekly activities for children during the 9.30am Sunday Eucharist and Laudate Services, which are held in the hall at St Alban’s. The flier below gives a taste of the sort of activities we offer! Children also form the serving team for worship at St Alban’s in a range of ways.

Lent 2022

Some Activities for Home


We work closely with the two Church of England schools in our parish, click here to find out more about them.