Camino Course


We are so pleased you have joined the Camino Course. The Camino de Santiago is an ancient pilgrimage route through Spain, and through this course we want to accompany you on a journey to explore the Christian faith – both for those who are simply curious and for those who want to go deeper in their faith. Covid and lockdown have taken away previous taken-for-granted securities and certainties, and for many of us questions about suffering, faith and doubt have suddenly become more pressing. We want to offer you a space to explore these questions and God’s invitation to be loved and to love.

Pilgrim Prayers

Session One: Setting Out

Session Two: Bible I

Session Three: Who is God?

Resources on the Trinity

The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation Richard Rohr 2016

Richard Rohr interview on the Divine Dance

Fr Michael Rossmann on the Trinity

Love in Excess – God and the Holy Trinity’ in Love makes no sense: An invitation to Christain Theology (Strawbridge, Mercer, Groves, SCM Press 2019)

Steps to session four

Read or listen to Matthew 3.13-4.11 and think about who Jesus is in this passage

Dates & Topics