Fr Phil's Weekly Message

Fr Phil’s Weekly Message: St Alban’s Patronal Festival and Trinity 2

SEE YOU ON SUNDAY FOR ST ALBAN’S PATRONAL FESTIVAL – 10AM Eucharist followed by fizz and nibbles!

This Sunday we celebrate the Patron Saint of our Church, St Alban. He is the first recorded Christian Martyr in England and as such a reminder that being Christian used to be a dangerous thing, and still is in some places. Alban was clearly passionate about his faith in a way which has inspired many others.

Over the summer we are going to have a series of sermons looking at Paul’s letters to the earliest Christian communities in the New Testament. These were often tiny communities of people who, like Alban, often lived in fear of their lives because of what they believed about Jesus Christ. The sermon series is called “Writing Home: Paul’s letters to the first Christian Communities”. I hope you will come and hear the sermons but we will also post them either on the website ( or on my blog page (

The dates are as follows: 9th July: Rome, 16th July Corinth, 23rd July, Galatia, 30th July Ephesus, (then a break for the Transfiguration and the Assumption), 20th August Philippi, 27th August Colossae, 3rd September Thesolonica. We’re having this sermon series to try to look at the answers these communities might give us to three questions: 1) Why does the Church exist? 2) What are we to ‘be’ as a Church? 3) What are we to ‘do’ as a Church?